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This zine was created in the fall of 2018. It contains the admissions and matriculation policies (or lack thereof) for transgender and non-binary undergraduate students of 37 Women’s Colleges in North America. The schools are listed in alphabetical order. Each page says the name of the school, where it is located, and answers the questions: “Who can apply?” and “What happens to current students who transition?” 

Many schools had this information on their website. If they did not, I emailed their admissions department for the information. Some replied, and some did not. 

The results varied greatly. Some schools were very accepting of future and current trans and non-binary students and essentially accepted for admissions anyone who wasn’t a cisgender man. Some had very strict guidelines for accepting trans women. Others would ask a student to leave if they transitioned to male while enrolled.

Please note: many schools were undergoing policy changes at the time and may have changed their policies since this zine was created. I intend to create an updated version in the future.

Women’s Colleges & Transgender Policies Zine